I thank God regularly for the direction he has brought our lives since visiting and attending Lighthouse Baptist Church. People make up the church, and they have greatly enriched our lives. For a local church, they provide the right education for our kids, as well as plenty of activities and events to get involved in.

I was raised in a church all my life. After joining Lighthouse, I learned more about how to act and live as a Christian in the first 2 years than the whole rest of my life. First, under Pastor Bowen and now under the preaching and teaching of Pastor Steve Smail. I still grow in God, daily. I thank God for the Lighthouse!

I started coming to Lighthouse when I was a teenager. I loved the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and the great preaching. My family and I quickly began serving in different ministries and have been here for the past 11 years! So thankful God led us to this amazing church!

So thankful for Lighthouse and the impact it has had on our family. The preaching is practical, biblical teaching from the Word of God. It is very applicable to my daily walk with God. Lighthouse is a fun, old-fashioned, friendly country church that provides lots of activities for all ages. Come check it out!

My family and I have grown by leaps and bounds at Lighthouse. The preaching and teaching is straight from the Word of God. Pastor Steve Smail and all the guest speakers don’t preach what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. Additionally, our church family at Lighthouse is a very close knit group. We pray together, comfort and uplift each other when times are tough and we cheer and celebrate the victories when our prayers are answered. You’ll praise God you visited, if you do!

We had a difficult time finding a church that fits our family’s values. These values include using the King James Bible, solid Bible teaching, and worship music that doesn’t sound like rock music. We were also looking for a strong youth program for our two teenage boys. When we “found” Lighthouse Baptist Church, we knew we could stop looking. It represents those values, and then some. Pastor Smail cares for his congregation and has a heart for teens and outreach ministries. Lighthouse Baptist has become our church family in the true sense of the word.

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