Our Beliefs

A Friendly Church- You will enjoy the hearty welcome and friendly atmosphere, and a sincere interest in you and your family.

A Family Church- With various caring groups designed to teach every person in our community with the love of Christ. We encourage regular family nights.

A Bible-Believing Church- We preach the Word of God in its entirety, firmly holding to the great truths of the Bible being our perfect guide.

A Teaching Church- Making a serious investment in the future by providing a quality children’s program.

A Growing Church- Evangelistic in doctrine and practice but always developing ministries to assist you to come to a complete and deep understanding of our Lord and His Will for our lives.

A Missionary Church- We pray, promote and financially assist a steadily-expanding missionary program for both home and abroad.

  • We are a Christ-honoring independent baptist church with a Christ-centered Bible teaching ministry.
  • We hold to the fundamental doctrines of the Bible that have characterized God’s people down through the ages.
  • We believe in the inspiration, inerrancy and preservation of God’s Word, the Bible.
  • We believe in the blood atonement of Christ as the only sacrifice for man’s sin.
  • We believe that Salvation is by grace through faith alone in Jesus Christ as all sufficient Savior, plus and minus nothing from human works, goodness and religion.
  • We believe in the glorious resurrection of Christ from the grave declaring Him to be the Son of God with power over death and the grave.
  • We believe the Church must fulfill the Great Commission according to Matthew 28:19-20.
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2-10-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Motivation Pastor Steve Smail

2-3-19 The Fear of the Lord is to Hate Evil Pastor Steve Smail

1-27-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Health Pastor Steve Smail

1-20-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Perspective Pastor Steve Smail

1-13-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Protection Pastor Steve Smail

1-6-19 The Fear of the Lord is the Foundation of Knowledge Pastor Steve Smail

12-30-18 The Most Important Christlike Trait Pastor Steve Smail

12-23-18 Don’t Miss Christmas Pastor Steve Smail

12-16-18 A Christmas Miracle Pastor Steve Smail

12-9-18 What God Asks For From Our Lives Pastor Steve Smail

12-2-18 Sitting on The Fence Pastor Steve Smail

11-18-18 The Importance of our Thanks Pastor Steve Smail

11-11-18 The Strength of a Soldier Pastor Steve Smail

11-4-18 Comfort for Christians Pastor Steve Smail

10-28-18 The Fear of the Fearless Pastor Steve Smail

10-21-18 A Watchman of the Truth Pastor Steve Smail

10-14-18 Resurrection of A Dead Christian Pastor Steve Smail

10-10-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

10-9-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

10-8-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

10-7-18 PM Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

10-7-18 AM Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

9-30-18 Conduct of a Mature Believer Pastor Steve Smail

9-16-18 Conduct of Healthy Doctrine Pastor Steve Smail

8-26-18 A Journey of Faith Pastor Steve Smail

8-19-18 Commission of A Christian Leader Pastor Steve Smail

8-12-18 Happy or Not, Here I Come Pastor Steve Smail

8-5-18 Conduct of a Christian Pastor Steve Smail

7-29-18 Credentials of a Christian Leader Pastor Steve Smail

7-22-18 Are you Surviving or Thriving? Pastor Steve Smail

7-15-18 Hope For The Hard Days Pastor Steve Smail

6-24-18 What a True Christian Should Be Like Pastor Steve Smail

6-17-18 What does our Heavenly Father want from us on Fathers Day Pastor Steve Smail

6-10-18 What Are You Thinking? Pastor Steve Smail

5-27-18 Don’t Forget Pastor Steve Smail

5-13-18 Picture of a Godly Woman Pastor Steve Smail

5-6-18 The Meaning of Life Pastor Steve Smail

Spring Bible Conference – Session 1 Creation Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Session 2 Fall to Flood Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Session 3 The Tower of Babel Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Session 4 Abraham’s Life Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Session 5 The Church Age Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Session 6 Revelation Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

Spring Bible Conference – Prophecy Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

4-22-18 World’s Wisdom VS. God’s Wisdom Pastor Steve Smail

4-15-18 The Formula For Joy Pastor Steve Smail

4-8-18 Defeating Doubt Pastor Steve Smail

4-1-18 The Heart of the Saviour Pastor Steve Smail

3-25-18 The Last Reminders of Christ Pastor Steve Smail

3-18-18 The Truth That Can Save Us Pastor Steve Smail

3-11-18 Behavior of A Believer Pastor Steve Smail

3-4-18 The Blessings of the True Believer Pastor Steve Smail

2-25-18 The Titlewave of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

2-18-18 Do we Love as We Should? Pastor Steve Smail

2-11-18 Strength to be Like Christ Pastor Steve Smail

2-4-18 Characteristics of Christ Likeness Pastor Steve Smail

1-21-18 Jesus Loves the Little Children Pastor Steve Smail

1-14-18 God’s View of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

1-7-18 The Mind of Christ Pastor Steve Smail

12-31-17 How to Have A Happy & Holy New Year Pastor Steve Smail

12-24-17 God’s Gift of Grace Pastor Steve Smail

12-17-17 Christmas From Joseph’s Perspective Pastor Steve Smail

12-10-17 Why Did God Save Us Pastor Steve Smail

12-3-17 How to Live in the Presence of God Pastor Steve Smail

11-26-17 The Adoption Of A Believer Pastor Steve Smail

11-19-17 A Thankful Family Pastor Steve Smail

11-12-17 What Kind Of Soldier Are You? Pastor Steve Smail

11-29-17 What Can I Give Pastor Steve Smail

10-29-17 How to Find a Fitting Fear Pastor Steve Smail

10-22-17 A Child Of God Pastor Steve Smail

10-18-17 Missions COnference  ”Christ is My Life” Steve Piggot

10-17-17 Missions Conference  ”What You Have is Enough” Steve Piggot

10-16-17 Missions Conference  ”Denying Yourself For the Furtherance of the Gospel” Steve Piggot

10-15-17 PM Missions Conference  ”Super Natural Victory” Steve Piggot

10-15- 17 AM Missions Conference  ”The Simple Gospel” Steve Piggot

10-15-17 S.S Missions Conference  ”Growth” Steve Piggot

10-8-17 The Cure For Discouragment Pastor Steve Smail

10-01-2017  Renew your mind Bro. Scott Fenner

9-24-17 The Great Commission Pastor Steve Smail

9-17-2017 Pastor A Classic Character Pastor Steve Smail

9-10-17 (Gods Way Is Always Right) Pastor Steve Smail

9-3-17 Do Not Be Weary in Well Doing Pastor Steve Smail

8-27-17 (There Is A God Heaven) Pastor Steve Smail

8-20-17  Keeping Our Strength Pastor Steve Smail

8-13-17 Paul’s Prayer Of Perfection(Getting Our Walk Right) Pastor Steve Smail

8-6-2017 Pastor Controlled by the Spirit Pastor Steve Smail

7-30-17 Pastor Steve Smail

7-23-17 The Sting Of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

7-16-17 the mind of a servant Pastor Steve Smail

6-11-17 Gods requirements of life Pastor Steve Smail

5-28-17 Reminder to Remember Pastor Steve Smail

5-21-17 Raise Your Spiritual Cieling Pastor Steve Smail

5-14-17 Bro Garaway Mothers day 

5-7-17(Count It All Joy) Pastor Steve Smail

4-23-17 Pastor “The great lesson of Jonah” Pastor Steve Smail

4-16-17 What is the most significant Event in History?” Pastor Steve Smail

4-9-17When judgement Repentance and Mercy Meet” Pastor Steve Smail

4-2-14(Jonahs Rescue From The Sea And Sin) Pastor Steve Smail

3-26-17 What Moves You Pastor Steve Smail

3-19-17 Pastor Sacrifice Pastor Steve Smail

1-29-17 (Why Do Trials Come) - Pastor Steve Smail

1-22-17 Pastor How should we grow - Pastor Steve Smail

1-15-17 (How Do We Grow) - Pastor Steve Smail

1-8-17 Pastor Grow in Grace - Pastor Steve Smail

5-8-16 – Steve Smail – Traits of a Godly Mother

1-3-16 AM – Pastor Steve Smail - “Have you chose to serve the Lord?”