The Church


Pastor Steve Smail

Senior Pastor

Pastor Steve Smail joined the staff at Lighthouse Baptist Church in August of 2005. He served as our Associate Pastor, Youth Pastor, and Director of the Bus and Visitation Ministries. He also oversaw the Jail and Juvenile Home Ministries. Pastor Smail grew up in a pastor’s home, so his humble beginnings gave him much experience as to the inner workings of a local New Testament Church. He has a great burden for people, for his ministry, and for his love of the Lord, which his testimony and actions give witness to. In February of 2014, our Senior Pastor, Dr. Jerry L. Bowen, resigned and moved back to California due to health reasons. In March of 2014, the members of the Church voted to elect Pastor Steve Smail as the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church. With full service schedules on Sundays and on Wednesday nights and with our current support of 32 missionaries around the world as well as local ministries operating throughout the week, Pastor Smail continues to follow the Lord’s will, which is to, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” (Matthew 28:19)


Bro. Scott Fenner

Assistant Pastor

Bro. Scott Fenner joined the staff at Lighthouse Baptist Church in May of 2003 as the Assistant to the Pastor on a part-time basis. He worked as the Principal of Lighthouse Baptist Academy (LBA) as well as oversaw the many annual activities. Upon going full-time in November of 2003, LBA became his main focus, while still maintaining his other areas of service. Currently, he oversees the Academy and teaches the Adult Sunday School Class.

Dr. Jerry L. Bowen

Former Pastor & Founder

Pastor Bowen accepted the call to preach as a teen still in High School. The first twenty years of his ministry was spent at a Baptist Church in Monrovia, California. He was the Associate Pastor in a growing and vibrant church, when God called him to Michigan to start a new work. Pastor Bowen started this church from his basement in Parchment, Michigan. After moving to Michigan, from California, with his wife and 6 kids, he did many jobs outside of the ministry to provide for his family. For three years, he worked at a Meijer store while still building Lighthouse Baptist Church to a level that would support itself and his family. After serving in Michigan faithfully for over 15 years, his regular battle with asthma took a turn for the worse and he was given no choice, but to move to a warmer & drier climate in order to continue serving the Lord. In April of 2014, he was offered a position in a Baptist Bible College in La Verne, California, so he and his entire family packed the moving trucks and caravanned back to the West Coast to serve the Lord there. Currently, he serves with his family in the newly created Bus Ministry at Lighthouse Baptist Church in La Verne, CA and he plans to start another church somewhere in Southern California as soon as the Lord allows him.