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  • Our History

    Lighthouse Baptist Church was established in 1998 in the basement of the Bowen family, they met at Kalamazoo Valley Community College and various locations until semi-permanently settling at the old school house by the airport in Plainwell. Our motto was, “If you could find us, you’d like us!” Construction began on the property that was so… Read more

  • Our Model

    A Friendly Church- You will enjoy the hearty welcome and friendly atmosphere, and a sincere interest in you and your family. A Family Church- With various caring groups designed to teach every person in our community with the love of Christ. We encourage regular family nights. A Bible-Believing Church- We preach the Word of God… Read more

  • Testimonials

    I thank God regularly for the direction he has brought our lives since visiting and attending Lighthouse Baptist Church. People make up the church, and they have greatly enriched our lives. For a local church, they provide the right education for our kids, as well as plenty of activities and events to get involved in…. Read more

  • Lighthouse Events

    When: Saturday, April 13th.
    Pine car kits are now available for $5. See the Taylors to purchase them. Stay tuned for work date nights.

    When: Friday, March 22nd @ 6-9 pm.
    Mall Scavenger Hunt! the cost is $2 but also bring some money for dinner.

    When: Thursday, March 28th @ 6:30 pm.
    We will have 3 options of a make & take craft. Please sign up in the Welcome Center. There is a small cost.

    When: Saturday, March 30th @ 4 pm.
    Come eat at The Crew in Kalamazoo and enjoy some fellowship!

    Please contact the church office at
    (269) 664-3229 for details.
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    3-17-19 The Call For A Young Example Pastor Steve Smail

    3-10-19 The Call For Sound Doctrine Pastor Steve Smail

    3-3-19 The Purpose of the Body of Christ Pastor Steve Smail

    2-17-19 The Fear of the Lord is Contentment Pastor Steve Smail

    2-10-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Motivation Pastor Steve Smail

    2-3-19 The Fear of the Lord is to Hate Evil Pastor Steve Smail

    1-27-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Health Pastor Steve Smail

    1-20-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Perspective Pastor Steve Smail

    1-13-19 The Fear of the Lord is Our Protection Pastor Steve Smail

    1-6-19 The Fear of the Lord is the Foundation of Knowledge Pastor Steve Smail

    12-30-18 The Most Important Christlike Trait Pastor Steve Smail

    12-23-18 Don’t Miss Christmas Pastor Steve Smail

    12-16-18 A Christmas Miracle Pastor Steve Smail

    12-9-18 What God Asks For From Our Lives Pastor Steve Smail

    12-2-18 Sitting on The Fence Pastor Steve Smail

    11-18-18 The Importance of our Thanks Pastor Steve Smail

    11-11-18 The Strength of a Soldier Pastor Steve Smail

    11-4-18 Comfort for Christians Pastor Steve Smail

    10-28-18 The Fear of the Fearless Pastor Steve Smail

    10-21-18 A Watchman of the Truth Pastor Steve Smail

    10-14-18 Resurrection of A Dead Christian Pastor Steve Smail

    10-10-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

    10-9-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

    10-8-18 Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

    10-7-18 PM Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

    10-7-18 AM Missions Conference Dr. Herb Hutchinson

    9-30-18 Conduct of a Mature Believer Pastor Steve Smail

    9-16-18 Conduct of Healthy Doctrine Pastor Steve Smail

    8-26-18 A Journey of Faith Pastor Steve Smail

    8-19-18 Commission of A Christian Leader Pastor Steve Smail

    8-12-18 Happy or Not, Here I Come Pastor Steve Smail

    8-5-18 Conduct of a Christian Pastor Steve Smail

    7-29-18 Credentials of a Christian Leader Pastor Steve Smail

    7-22-18 Are you Surviving or Thriving? Pastor Steve Smail

    7-15-18 Hope For The Hard Days Pastor Steve Smail

    6-24-18 What a True Christian Should Be Like Pastor Steve Smail

    6-17-18 What does our Heavenly Father want from us on Fathers Day Pastor Steve Smail

    6-10-18 What Are You Thinking? Pastor Steve Smail

    5-27-18 Don’t Forget Pastor Steve Smail

    5-13-18 Picture of a Godly Woman Pastor Steve Smail

    5-6-18 The Meaning of Life Pastor Steve Smail

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 1 Creation Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 2 Fall to Flood Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 3 The Tower of Babel Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 4 Abraham’s Life Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 5 The Church Age Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Session 6 Revelation Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    Spring Bible Conference – Prophecy Dr. Charles Hiltibidal

    4-22-18 World’s Wisdom VS. God’s Wisdom Pastor Steve Smail

    4-15-18 The Formula For Joy Pastor Steve Smail

    4-8-18 Defeating Doubt Pastor Steve Smail

    4-1-18 The Heart of the Saviour Pastor Steve Smail

    3-25-18 The Last Reminders of Christ Pastor Steve Smail

    3-18-18 The Truth That Can Save Us Pastor Steve Smail

    3-11-18 Behavior of A Believer Pastor Steve Smail

    3-4-18 The Blessings of the True Believer Pastor Steve Smail

    2-25-18 The Titlewave of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

    2-18-18 Do we Love as We Should? Pastor Steve Smail

    2-11-18 Strength to be Like Christ Pastor Steve Smail

    2-4-18 Characteristics of Christ Likeness Pastor Steve Smail

    1-21-18 Jesus Loves the Little Children Pastor Steve Smail

    1-14-18 God’s View of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

    1-7-18 The Mind of Christ Pastor Steve Smail

    12-31-17 How to Have A Happy & Holy New Year Pastor Steve Smail

    12-24-17 God’s Gift of Grace Pastor Steve Smail

    12-17-17 Christmas From Joseph’s Perspective Pastor Steve Smail

    12-10-17 Why Did God Save Us Pastor Steve Smail

    12-3-17 How to Live in the Presence of God Pastor Steve Smail

    11-26-17 The Adoption Of A Believer Pastor Steve Smail

    11-19-17 A Thankful Family Pastor Steve Smail

    11-12-17 What Kind Of Soldier Are You? Pastor Steve Smail

    11-29-17 What Can I Give Pastor Steve Smail

    10-29-17 How to Find a Fitting Fear Pastor Steve Smail

    10-22-17 A Child Of God Pastor Steve Smail

    10-18-17 Missions COnference  ”Christ is My Life” Steve Piggot

    10-17-17 Missions Conference  ”What You Have is Enough” Steve Piggot

    10-16-17 Missions Conference  ”Denying Yourself For the Furtherance of the Gospel” Steve Piggot

    10-15-17 PM Missions Conference  ”Super Natural Victory” Steve Piggot

    10-15- 17 AM Missions Conference  ”The Simple Gospel” Steve Piggot

    10-15-17 S.S Missions Conference  ”Growth” Steve Piggot

    10-8-17 The Cure For Discouragment Pastor Steve Smail

    10-01-2017  Renew your mind Bro. Scott Fenner

    9-24-17 The Great Commission Pastor Steve Smail

    9-17-2017 Pastor A Classic Character Pastor Steve Smail

    9-10-17 (Gods Way Is Always Right) Pastor Steve Smail

    9-3-17 Do Not Be Weary in Well Doing Pastor Steve Smail

    8-27-17 (There Is A God Heaven) Pastor Steve Smail

    8-20-17  Keeping Our Strength Pastor Steve Smail

    8-13-17 Paul’s Prayer Of Perfection(Getting Our Walk Right) Pastor Steve Smail

    8-6-2017 Pastor Controlled by the Spirit Pastor Steve Smail

    7-30-17 Pastor Steve Smail

    7-23-17 The Sting Of Sin Pastor Steve Smail

    7-16-17 the mind of a servant Pastor Steve Smail

    6-11-17 Gods requirements of life Pastor Steve Smail

    5-28-17 Reminder to Remember Pastor Steve Smail

    5-21-17 Raise Your Spiritual Cieling Pastor Steve Smail

    5-14-17 Bro Garaway Mothers day 

    5-7-17(Count It All Joy) Pastor Steve Smail

    4-23-17 Pastor “The great lesson of Jonah” Pastor Steve Smail

    4-16-17 What is the most significant Event in History?” Pastor Steve Smail

    4-9-17When judgement Repentance and Mercy Meet” Pastor Steve Smail

    4-2-14(Jonahs Rescue From The Sea And Sin) Pastor Steve Smail

    3-26-17 What Moves You Pastor Steve Smail

    3-19-17 Pastor Sacrifice Pastor Steve Smail

    1-29-17 (Why Do Trials Come) - Pastor Steve Smail

    1-22-17 Pastor How should we grow - Pastor Steve Smail

    1-15-17 (How Do We Grow) - Pastor Steve Smail

    1-8-17 Pastor Grow in Grace - Pastor Steve Smail

    5-8-16 – Steve Smail – Traits of a Godly Mother

    1-3-16 AM – Pastor Steve Smail - “Have you chose to serve the Lord?”